Guardian: EBooks

The Guardian wanted to assess the potential of its Guardian Shorts ebooks business.


In 2012 the Guardian Shorts ebooks team wanted to assess their potential to grow and to create a business case for extra resource. Guardian Shorts ebooks are digital books for reading on devices such as Kindle, that pull together collections of content from the Guardian on themes.

Topics covered in the series at that time included the phone hacking scandal, memories of 9/11, the Guardian and London School of Economic’s unique research project into the 2011 English riots, as well as lighter topics like a masterclass in writing fiction, the revival of Doctor Who and a collection of reviews of our critics’ favourite albums.


Nina Lovelace carried out a project which:

  • assessed potential sales of ebooks in the coming years
  • identified potential content collections that could be pulled together from existing Guardian archives
  • optimised the process by which journalists could pull together potential collections of content to be assessed and edited as ebooks by the Shorts team, by helping to create an internal tool called the ‘Ebookifier’
  • assessed and optimised promotion of ebooks against related Guardian articles


Nina created and presented a business case for a new member of staff to drive longer-term growth and helped interview and recruited a new Digital Publishing Manager. The resource and new focus helped the Guardian to grow to test whether there was a sustainable revenue source in the long term.

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