The Times: Good University Guide

The Times wanted to relaunch its university guide to boost subscriptions.  


In 2011 the Times was looking to relaunch a new digital version of the Times’ Good University Guide, one of the most popular regular features from the Times that helps potential students choose which university to attend.

Good University Guide


The project included assessing the survey data that a third party collected for the Times about the UK’s universities and creating a series of searchable interactive tables by which users could sort and assess their favourite universities according to headlines such as student/staff ratio, average teaching scores, career prospects and so on.

Nina Lovelace worked as a contractor with an internal team to oversee the interactive build, working with internal developers, as well as the interactive’s positioning in a new University Guide website section which brought together more related content meant for the paper as well as more digital-only content such as live Q&As with university experts.


Nina led on the content plan, creating a content calendar for the Guide that encouraged students to sign up and stay subscribed to the Times site for a number of months, not just a day to assess the interactive. This maximised subscriber revenue and potential at retaining those subscribers.

She worked with the editorial staff to commission fresh and useful content such as tips on writing personal statements, tips from existing students, saving money at university and advice about studying abroad.

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