The Times: Chess

The Times wanted to relaunch a digital chess section on its website to encourage subscription growth and activation.


The Times editor was keen to relaunch the chess part of the puzzles site to encourage more of its numerous and regular chess print fans online, to activate their digital subscriptions and to sample more of the Times content behind the paywall.


The project required an reassessment of what content appeared across print and how that could be better translated into digital.

Times puzzles section

In this case we developed an interactive version of the ‘Daily Winning Move’ that was shown in the newspaper each week, as well as ensuring past games were archived and related Times’ content such as guides on how to play were all grouped into the section.

It also meant greater digital journalism training for the Times’ chess expert, grandmaster Ray Keenes in how to make more of promoting the section using social media.


The Times’ website launched a new section (which is behind the paywall) that now includes:

  • an on-screen interactive daily game
  • the Daily Winning Move puzzle to complement the print version
  • an online archive of previous chess columns – also interactive
  • social media marketing – the grandmaster now regularly tweets at @times_chess

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