Guardian: TagBot API Campaign

In 2011 Nina Lovelace launched Guardian ‘Tagbot’, a fun social platform search product to promote the Guardian API system.


The Guardian API allows users to publish Guardian content directly onto their own platforms or products, however not enough partners were using and accessing the content available.


Nina devised and launched Tagbot. Tagbot was set up on its own Twitter account. Fellow Twitter users could then message it with a query or keyword, which Tagbot would then reply to, sending a link to that user which when opened listed the most relevant Guardian content related to their query which was available on the API.

See below for a typical results page a user would have received if they had asked Tagbot what content the Guardian had tagged with ‘Halloween’.


The tool, which Nina scoped out in partnership with digital agency Smesh, ran for a month and received significant use and media attention including from NiemanLab and Mashable, and great ratings from users who could also rate the quality of the search they received.

Tagbot had a user rating system where its search results could be classified as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – 75% reviewed the search results as good.

For the best Tagbot- related links and reviews [View the story “@GuardianTagBot, Twitter-based search tool” on Storify]

As well as helping to market the API, the product also promoted the type of innovative product that the Guardian could also create for brands across other platforms other than its own website.  It also helped the Guardian assess the utility and quality of its content taxonomy.

Nina also worked as commercial lead on the launch of the Guardian’s Facebook App, securing sponsorship for the first iteration of this service.

Halloween results

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