The Guardian: Streetstories App

In 2012 Nina Lovelace was part of a team that built the Streetstories geolocated audio app, to promote the Guardian’s first Open Weekend


The Guardian audio team wanted to test their capabilities in integrating its core skills – such as storytelling and creating audio – onto new platforms, in this case mobile, and promote the Open Weekend.

I worked as commercial lead on a prototype native app for iPhone and Android called Guardian Streetstories, a free native app for iPhone and Android that triggers audio relevant to your location using GPS around King’s Cross, London, UK.

Once loaded your smartphone knows where you are, and plays the stories automatically. Stories were high quality audio created by the Guardian’s multimedia team and included audio about the local history of the area, local attractions and amenities and also about the Guardian itself.

The apps received great feedback and many thousands of downloads, so formed the basis of a business plan Nina drew up around the creation of geolocation based apps.


In early 2013 this led to the Guardian making its first sale of a geolocated native app to a sponsorship client, although the build for this was based on the Guardian’s n0tice platform which allowed the newspaper to create more affordable, scalable products.

Watch the video to learn more about Streetstories.




Specifically on this project I:


  • Worked with the editorial lead and technology partner to scope a minimum viable product
  • Oversaw UX and design
  • Project managed the app launch from start to end, in three months
  • Carried out QA on the apps on location
  • Managed Apple Store and Google Play process
  • Created KPIs and monitored success
  • Created a business case to support the case for further sales of similar apps to sponsorship clients
  • Helped close the Guardian’s first geolocated native app sale – launch of the app is scheduled for 2013


Audience and press feedback



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