The Guardian: Money Section

The Guardian wanted to boost traffic and revenues across its Money vertical by improving planning and communication across commercial, editorial and technology.


The Guardian needed to run a transformation project looking at how it could better develop strategy towards revenues, audience and content across its verticals such as Guardian Money.


Working in a digital publisher role, Nyna developed an audience strategy for Money, and optimised commercial and editorial processes and priorities to better work together to grow revenues, while still protecting the independence and high quality of editorial.

Director of Commercial Delivery at the Guardian, Juliet Fowler, headed up the project. She said of Nina Lovelace who ran the project:

Nina is well versed and experienced with transformation projects in a fast moving pressured industry. Having worked with Nina for several months to make changes in order to maximise revenues for an important part of the business she very quickly got up to speed with the project and understood the complexities around it.  Nina had a great ability to understand the problem, come up with creative solutions, understand the data needs in order to test and coordinate her and others ideas.  She built a great rapport with the team and had very good stakeholder management and project management skills. The project resulted in revenue and traffic growth as well as better audience engagement and internally far more collaborative ways of working. It was a pleasure working with Nina and she will be sorely missed.


  • Setting up a weekly meeting across commercial, editorial and product/technology to ensure good communication and forward planning.
  • Working with editorial to support and shape Guardian Labs native advertising pitches to brands, therefore making their content better suited and engaged with by the audience. This work helped the Money section team secure a major sponsorship deal that led to the build of the Guardian/Zurich Life Navigator tool, working with the in house Digital Agency.
  • Prioritising the importance of Guardian Money Deals (eg affiliate services provided in partnership with external companies such as MoneySupermarket) to Money section, by instigating tests to make Guardian financial services better promoted against relevant content.
  • Helping editorial to get better involved in digital transformation by facilitating them to produce more in-house video for sponsorship or advertising purposes. This saw the launch of the popular Smart Money series, sponsored by Halifax.
  • Launch of the Money Talks weekly email.

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