The Guardian: Video Traffic Growth

Nina Lovelace supported the Guardian’s¬†director of multimedia to grow video view starts and subsequently source and manage video content partnerships for Guardian digital platforms.


The Guardian needed more video, and greater video starts, to help maximise video related advertising revenues.


Nina assessed different sections of the site and their audiences, in terms of their video content consumption and preferences to identify new partnership and/or series opportunities. She worked closely with editorial to help them develop video series ideas to help support sponsorship, advertising or syndication revenue growth.


Key outcomes of this work were:

  • development of in-house video series such as the very popular ‘New View‘ series for Skoda which included practical ‘how to’ guides on how to use your iPhone (see below)
  • development of new content partnership video series based on ad revenue share eg Ad Break series for Media desk
  • project management of live music streaming events such as Glyndebourne Opera and Other Voices Festival.

Nina also supported business planning around Guardian podcasts.

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