The Lawyer: Market Intelligence

We helped Centaur launch an intelligence service for private law firms keen to understand and target potential corporate law clients.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 15.01.58


After identifying an opportunity to build a new intelligence service around their successful The Lawyer magazine, Centaur asked Nina Lovelace, working as principal consultant at FEB, to run an opportunity and concepting phase to refine the proposition.


  • Planned and managed the concepting phase working with internal and external resources
  • Ran competitive review & market opportunity
  • Ran user interviews to clarify information needs & user/ client personas
  • Clarified content & feature prioritisation into concept sketches
  • Supported internal teams on business case/planning.


The Lawyer successfully launched The Lawyer Market Intelligence in 2015. This tool identifies and illuminates the commercial relationships between Britain’s top private practice firms and the largest and most valuable corporate law client organisations in the £20bn-a-year UK legal services sector.


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