Time Inc: Millennials Digital Research

We ran a detailed audience study into the interests and digital habits of millennials, preparing Time Inc to launch List for Life.

Case Study - Time inc


Time Inc (UK) have invested significantly in their digital portfolio – developing digital magazine editions for all of their 60 brands as well as some incredibly successful stand alone apps.

Like many publishers they were keen to understand how to continue to grow their digital revenues and wanted a view on where to focus investment for the future.


Nina, working as a principal consultant with digital agency FEB, worked with them to look at what had been achieved so far, leading on a focused look at the millennial audience, what the shape of their digital future should be.

Nina conducted a detailed audience study. Her focus was on 16-18 years olds – the age at which you would previously have developed a magazine reading habit in line with your interests developing into lifelong patterns.

To really understand the mindset of this generation she conducted face-to-face interviews with individuals in their homes, at college and at their jobs, talking to them about what they were interested in, what they read, and how they paid for it.

The findings were fascinating and allowed her to create a series of personas that Time Inc. (UK) could use for ongoing product development for this audience.

The research also particularly highlighted the need for continuous product development and that as an organisation, the company needed to be set up to meet this challenge.

This would mean not only doing more, but working in an entirely new way.


The research helped us to identify a number of opportunity areas for Time Inc. (UK) and using a ‘MVP in a Day’ workshop format we developed the first concept for this audience which launched shortly afterwards as List for Life.

This was the first of a number of new product launches at the now established millennial publishing division have gone on to launch.

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