Nyna also runs short workshops and Hack Days for clients looking for a fast way of changing mindsets or skilling up teams. For example:

The Digital Acceleration Framework workshop – this is for senior teams, normally in smaller organisations without any product management resource. Run over two days it helps organisations to develop an internal process to develop digital products and services using existing resource. It also aims to skill up a senior team to identify, challenge and pursue digital opportunities themselves at any time.

Prototype In A Day workshop delivers a product proposition for mixed seniority teams who quickly want to scope out a (normally smaller, low risk) product without a full Nyna opportunity assessment/ audience research. This workshop can be focused on a product to answer a specific goal, such as growth of a particular audience segment(s). Participants normally include reps from a variety of departments (content, developers, marketing, sales). 

Hack Days are focused, directed brainstorming days that encourage teams to identify and prioritise product enhancements and/or ideas for new products. It includes developers who will work with teams to pull together simple prototypes. 

Inspiration & Case Study Days aim to inspire and educate teams as to what cutting edge digital products are doing well, and why, for their owners and audiences /customers. For example we might look at the best performing mobile products for a specific audience, to help teams to come up with creative digital ideas.

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